Our Grooming Process

Groom Pricing
There are almost too many variables to accurately quote pricing online or even over the phone. The groomer or bather must see the dog, size and condition prior to an actual quote.

Our full grooms START at approximately $72 for a small dog and $89 for a large, BUT this is just a starting point. Large Doodles, Husky’s, etc. can be as much as $100-120.

Mini-grooms START at approximately $48 for a small dog and $65 for a large dog. AGAIN this is a starting point. Anytime you are grooming dogs with immense coats or breed specific needs the price will increase.

Express Groom – $15 supplement
We book this particular groom as the first or occasionally as the last groom of the day. The dog is treated on drop off from beginning to end…Bath, Dry and Groom. Express does not denote amount of time rather promises that the groomer is solely focused on getting your dog groomed to desire with no interruption*. The actual amount of time is based on size, breed and need.

* The majority of our grooming is done in stages. Our groomers work on multiple dogs throughout their time here. While one dog is in the hands of the bather, another may be being dried or groomed. The dog is touched multiple times throughout the process.

Dogs that are here for grooming are walked throughout their stay and are placed in size appropriate crates with water available at all times. Many of our social dogs are allowed free range and play and circulate freely during their time with us.

De-Matting and De-Shedding are additional services. The average is in the $15-25 range, per process.

Almost every long haired or double coated dog is better served by a professional de-shedding. Seasonal shedding typically happens twice a year. The first is when the weather becomes warmer and the undercoat falls out. This is the dreaded season when there are clumps of fur around your house. The second is when the weather becomes cooler and the top coat falls out to make room for the fresh undercoat. However, because most dogs live indoors and are exposed to interior lighting and artificial temperatures, the shedding cycle gets disrupted and can take place year round.

De-shedding removes the dead undercoat. For larger breed dogs, it can take up to 1-2 hours to de-shed an undercoat. Once finished, there is usually a room of fur left behind. The core benefit is that it facilitates the natural shedding process. It also draws out natural oils produced by the dog’s skin and fur and prevents painful matting and hot spots. Overall, it makes your dog healthier and feel happier.

Puppy’s First Groom
We will be delighted to groom your new baby once they have been fully vaccinated (rabies required). During the first grooming session, the main objective is to familiarize the puppy with the process and space. A salon is new territory filled with distracting sights, sounds and smells. It’s our time to expose them to bathing tubs, clippers, dryers, and grooming tables. Our goal is to make it as friendly an atmosphere as we can so they learn to relax and enjoy the grooming process. It usually takes two or three mini sessions for a puppy to become completely comfortable.

We welcome any questions about any of our services.